Your guide to selecting the best car seat cover

Seat covers can help keep your vehicle’s seats protected from stains, rips, abrasions, food spills, and other damage. However, it is clear that not all seat covers are created equal.

Optimus Gear (OG) SeatShields are a collection of HIGH-QUALITY seat covers designed by engineers to more effectively protect seats of all types in vehicles of different sizes. You may ask, why is an OG SeatShield better than others on the market? We have your answers outlined below!


OG SeatShields are Canadian-Made with high-quality, durable materials that are designed to withstand wear and tear to stay in good working condition. OG will NOT compromise on the quality of its materials, and our products are designed to withstand use and abuse in harsh climates. Where other companies skimp, OG doubles down, by reinforcing high-stress areas that typically fail on other seat covers.

Here is why OG SeatShields are more durable than others on the market:

  • Polyurethane-coated Nylon Cordura® – In addition to being waterproof and able to withstand extreme temperature changes, unlike PVC coatings which become brittle and crack in cold conditions.
  • Reinforced headrest strap attachment – Other manufacturers support the headrest with two small attachment points. This causes the back of the seat cover to wrinkle, crumple, and put a lot of stress on these areas; eventually leading to tears. OG SeatShields fully support the headrest attachments with a piece of webbing and double up the fabric where the straps are attached. Check out the pictures below to see the difference!



  • Reinforced fabric at button snaps – Button snaps on OG SeatShields have webbing reinforcing the fabric. This ensures that the snaps don’t tear through the fabric after repeated use.
  • Seat anchors – Other manufacturers use a tube riveted to a piece of webbing for the bench anchors, which can damage the seat bottom if not installed properly. OG SeatShields use fabric-covered seat anchors that will not damage your interior and help hold the SeatShield in place.




Tailored for your vehicle

We have a selection of seat covers each tailored for different vehicle sizes and seat profiles. This offers maximum protection and a great fit. Particularly when it comes to rear seats, be wary of “universal fits” or “one-size-fits-all”; you may get lucky, but generally, these products are one-size-fits-none since vehicles are different, and you can’t make one size to fit all seats properly. OG SeatShields have an elastic skirt which ensures a snug fit to the seat bottom, as well as a back strap that allows for the accommodation of different seat back styles (full width interior of the bench seat).


There are several other design features of OG SeatShields that demonstrate an attention to detail missing from others available. Many seat covers on the market are either so difficult to install that you may feel forced to keep them on or so loose and floppy that they don’t offer the protection you need. OG SeatShields are easy to install and remove. Less than a minute to put on, mere seconds to take off. Additionally, they can fold into an integrated storage bag so they can be stored in your vehicle, ready to go for the next time you use them!



Most rear seat covers have a solid back panel which causes you to lose significant functionality of your back-seat system. Products like this don’t allow you to use your middle seat, fold down the center console or split the seat without taking the cover off. OG Rear SeatShields have two zippers in the back panel which maintain all these vehicle capabilities while keeping the cover installed!


Buckle covers keep out dirt and debris, while allowing full access to all buckles and child seat anchors. OG buckle covers use snaps, unlike the other products on the market, which use tape hook and loop fasteners (see photo). For pet owners especially, snaps are the way to go because pet fur gets caught in hook and loop fasteners, making it gucky and ineffective.



Another feature of the OG SeatShields that is missing from other covers is a relief cut in the skirt of the cover, which accommodates for the driveshafts that protrude into the cab in some sedan models. Most seat covers don’t accommodate for this bump, and as a result, they end up getting pushed up so that they don’t cover the seat nearly as well.


These innovative construction and design features were developed by OG engineers through rigorous testing and fitment checks. This product is both durable and effective, protecting your vehicle’s seats from kids, pets, sporting equipment, gardening tools, and work tools, among many other things in our lives that can create a mess and cause damage.

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Article by The Optimus Gear – Innovative pet and vehicle safety products designed and made in Canada.

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