Moving with Pets Doesn’t Have to be Ruff!

The Real Deal on What NOT to do When Making a Move With Pets

Throughout the years I have assisted many people and their pets move from one home to another. By which I mean, that I have helped them sell and buy homes and I have helped pack up boxes and clear out the old home. More often than not, Fido or Fluffy is on our heels sucking up the building frantic energy that everyone has when the clock is running down on the pending move. As a result, I have witnessed – and participated in – some avoidable pet mishaps. See if you can spot yourself or your pet in any of these situations, then heed my advice.

Cats Hate Curfews

Your cat loves the outdoors and always returns at night – except it is the night before the move and they are MIA. It’s the morning of moving day and they have chosen to lurk in the bushes just out of reach, refusing to be tempted by tasty treats. You manage to grab them while on all fours in the buggy muck under the bush, but they spit and scratch until you are forced to let go. They will leave you a nice scar as a reminder of this horrid day. Someone is forced to stay behind for the rest of the day waiting for the cat to surrender.

Advice: Keep your cat indoors many days up to the move and far away from any exit.

Fish Rarely Hang Ten

Setting up an aquarium takes time and care and your fish are clearly happy within their environment, taking the whole thing apart seems unnecessary. So you remove just enough water to be able to hoist the tank into whatever vehicle it is bound for and let the fish slosh around in a not-so-fun game of ‘tidal wave.’ When you arrive at your new home, your fish show you their appreciation by rolling over for some belly rubs. 

Advice: Take the time to prepare your fish properly for the move and have a quick set-up solution (even a temporary one) for when you arrive at your new home.

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

There is no time to waste since you have waited until the 11th hour to pack things up and need to do everything at top speed. Organizing is for suckers, so you randomly grab at items and make piles while sloppily placing things in boxes and bags. Your dog is all for this high energy situation and gets into the action by snatching random items and either mauling them, or burying them wherever they can. They also jump out from behind doors and around corners to hump the Realtor’s leg whenever she is distracted filling in a box for you.

Advice: Plan ahead and pack properly without urgency. Keep your dog’s schedule the same and give them lots of attention. Consider an enrichment toy they can enjoy, especially when the nice Relator lady is present.

For more advice on how to make your move a success with pets, or just to hear more stories (there are plenty of both I assure you), drop me a line and I would be happy to share!

Article by Jen Lema, Pet-loving Realtor

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