Tango’s Lead Canine Rescue and Sanctuary was founded in 2021 in honour of Tango, the best “bad” dog there ever was. As a 100% volunteer-run organization based in Guelph, Ontario, we strive to help dogs with medical conditions or undesirable behaviour that shelters may not have the resources to manage. Additionally, we aim to take in senior dogs in need as they tend to be overlooked in a shelter setting. 

We primarily pull dogs from kill shelters that are extremely full and do not have the resources to help the much-overlooked pups. With these dogs being our focus, we also work with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and other Northern Communites to assist with the population of unowned animals. 

With the help of our amazing foster homes and volunteers, these dogs receive the love, attention and care they need to set them up for a successful future. We have a team of veterinarians and trainers to guide us on training and medical decisions that meet the individual needs of every dog. Our foster homes are backed by our core team from beginning to end! Our core team ensures they are available at any time of the day should any emergency arise.

Tango’s Lead Canine Rescue and Sanctuary is always looking for foster homes and volunteers. We especially need homes without other pets due to our goal of assisting the more troubled cases. Each dog we take into our care is carefully assessed by our core team for a minimum of 2 weeks before moving into foster care. From there, with the help of our foster homes, we slowly start to see their personalities shine through and post updates on social media for their potential forever to see. 

If you are interested in becoming a foster, you can go directly to our website and click the “Foster” tab! 


Tango’s Lead Canine Rescue & Sanctuary 


Updated March 2023