Last Minute Dog Rescue is a group of crazy dog people who have in some way or another been exposed to the horrors of the overpopulation of dogs, in and around the USA. Did you know that 10,000 dogs (pregnant/puppies/adults/seniors) are being put down DAILY in North America? Yes, that includes Canada! If you’re wondering why this is, it’s because dogs are being bred, faster than homes are available. Going to the SPCA is a great way to help a stray dog, but rescues are VERY different then shelters. We don’t have an actual facility where people come and walk through hallways of kennels and pick the one dog in the corner cowering from the other dogs barking. We save our dogs mainly from Texas at this time, though once our current batch of dogs find loving homes we will be switching over to taking dogs in Ontario. During the pandemic the dog population in Ontario skyrocketed due to a very large amount of people having time on their hands at home to have “just one litter”. 

Our goal that we live by every day is to empty the shelters and find the dogs in our care a loving forever home. Are rescue dogs damaged? Wouldn’t it be easier to go to a breeder and get a puppy? Sure, some of them have been hurt, neglected or abused, but almost every one of our rescue dogs can come back from it with love and patience. However we also have puppies in our care that have never felt the evils that humans are capable of. They will be just as good (most likely better) than a dog from a backyard breeder. We pride ourselves on how quickly we approve adoptions (it’s a very thorough process but we respond almost daily to emails and focus on not making a dog wait any longer than they have to for a good home)! We pride ourselves on our ethics and morals. The dog’s safety and wellbeing will always come first. We are honest with our adopters about the history of behaviours and medical conditions of all of our furry friends. 

If you’re not able to adopt, we have a patreon set up (that you can access on our website, as well as any of our social media pages) where you can donate as little as $2 a month (which feeds one dog) up to as much as you decide to donate monthly to support the mission of emptying our shelters and saving them all! We can’t thank our supporters enough. We are always looking for volunteers as well (not all of us were blessed with heavy wallets, but we know that your time is worth more in the long run anyway!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and don’t forget. ADOPT DON’T SHOP!
last minute dog rescue
last minute dog rescue

Updated January 2023