Arthur Animal Rescue Co-operative (AARC) is a non-profit group that focuses on saving feral, stray, and neglected cats in Wellington County. 

Our Mission:

AARC was founded in 2015 by Audrey Peacock, who has been rescuing cats for over 20 years. It has expanded into a network of fosters and volunteers across Wellington County who work to give these deserving animals the medical care they need, and a safe place to live until they can be provided with appropriate vet care. When the kitties are healthy and socialized they are adopted out to their forever homes. 

How to Help: 

There are many ways for individuals and companies to help AARC. Some ways include donating pet items, donating money, and donating auction items. 

Needed donated pet items:

  • Dry and wet cat food, especially kitten food
  • Cat litter (non-clumping; clay, pine, paper, corn, walnut, ect.)
  • Kitten milk replacement 
  • Cat toys, cat beds, and cat trees/scratchers 
  • Blankets and towels 
  • Cleaning supplies

*See our Amazon Wish List for more items AARC is in need of* 


Adopting a cat from AARC ensures that the rescue is able to take in and care for more cats in need. If you are interested in adopting or fostering please fill out the form at 

The adoption fee is $300 and includes:

  • Treatment for fleas and worms
  • Age appropriate vaccines
  • Microchip 
  • Spay or neutering 


Becoming an AARC foster means you are able to provide temporary housing and care for a cat in need. Fostered pets gain the valuable opportunity to live in a home, become socialized, and rehabilitated before becoming a loving pet for someone. 

Community Involvement: 

The community can help the cats from AARC in many ways, including donating new or gently used items for auction such as:

  • Household items 
  • Gift cards 
  • Experiences such as a restaurants or family events/outings 
  • Baked goods and homemade items

Monetary Donations: 

As with most rescues, we survive with the help of our supporters. 

Any amount helps; no donation is too small or unappreciated; and without you, there is no us!

Donations can be sent to

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Article by Kirsten, Arthur Animal Rescue Co-operative

Updated January 2023