Abused dogs are not broken

Dogs make up for 65% of all animal abuse cases. Dogs taken from abusive situations would be placed in a shelter. According to the ASPCA almost one million cats and dogs from shelters are euthanized each year. 

Abused dogs are not broken, adopt don’t shop. 

This is Keeta, she was adopted in January of 2023 from an abusive home. Together Keeta and I are trying to spread the message that abused dogs are not broken through her success story. 

Keeta came to us at the age of one as a claimed “purebred” cane corso. My fiancé and I immediately knew that this was false and she was a product of irresponsible backyard breeding. 

Keeta had spent her whole life locked inside of a cage in her past owners garage, which is not ideal for any dog especially a 100lbs cane corso. When we went to meet her we immediately noticed that she was quite skittish and was being verbally abused (whether she understands what he’s saying or not). When she was let out of her cage her past owner allowed her to run free around the suburban neighbourhood which could have resulted in a pregnancy or rabies considering she had never been to the vet. She could have found herself lost or injured. We knew this wasn’t a good home for her and decided to take her home with us. 

Once we arrived home we learned that she was never house broken or taught basic commands like “sit, paw” etc. It came to our attention that the man who owned her previously was a criminal (70% of criminals abuse animals, legal resources, HG.org). Keeta was very afraid of men, and would flinch if a man moved too fast or she would wet herself if they stood up.

Since adopting Keeta, we have done our best to redirect her, make her feel safe and loved. She is now the most spoiled girl, she loves her treats and her bones. We have accomplished toilet training, she is fully housebroken. We’ve been socializing her and trying to teach her the basic tricks (we’ve accomplished “sit” and “high five”.) She is still learning but she’s getting much better on her leash and no longer wets herself with men. We have been working with a dog nutritionist to get her on a healthy, well-balanced diet and have an upcoming vet appointment to get her vaccines and spaying so we can start socializing her with other dogs. 

We still have a long way to go but Keeta is such a sweet girl, she loves our children and loves to cuddle. She never (nor does any other dog) deserve the abuse that she went through and some dogs have it much worse. Before buying another puppy from a breeder, puppy mill, or backyard breeder please consider adopting from the humane society or from the organizations that bring dogs to Canada from other countries where they were abused. Dogs like Keeta will thank you. 

Story by Kyla Downs, Keeta’s Parent 

Instagram: Keeta.thecorse