What is our mission?

Grand River All Breed Rescue was founded in 2007 by a small group of volunteers who care about animals. Our mission is to keep as many pets out of the shelter as possible and to help loving owners keep their pets. We offer many services such as TNR of feral cats, providing foster homes for homeless animals and providing vet care and putting them up for adoption. We provide food and vetting for low-income families when we can, and we provide temporary foster care for people in crisis when we have homes available.

What is unique about us?

What makes us unique from other rescues is that we take in animals of all kinds and we provide a variety of services to support animals and their guardians.

How can you help?

The local community of animal lovers can support Grand River All Breed Rescue in many ways. They can volunteer, foster or adopt. They can donate supplies or money to support our animals. People can donate financially online at our website, or by sending e transfers to grandriverrescue@hotmail.com.

Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue
 Grand River All Breed Rescue

Article by Robin, Founder of Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue 

Updated June 2022