Article submission guidelines

Please note the following when submitting your story:

  • There is no monetary compensation or prize/reward for any stories shared – consider it a labour of pet-love
  • Article submissions are open to pet owners and lovers who reside in Waterloo Region – we are a local source of pet info
  • Make the story about your own pet, please, no stories about someone else – make it a personal experience
  • Please note there is no guarantee your story will be published on either our website or print issue
  • Include your full name, mailing address and phone number to qualify
  • All submissions may be edited for clarity and space; we will advise you if it is needed for your story
  • Successful submissions – you must agree that you will not have your story published elsewhere, until after it has been published by us, either in print or on our website
  • By submitting your story, you agree that your story may appear on our website for an indefinite period of time

Article Requirements

  • Make your story between 250 and 750 words in length
  • Submit your story via email, in either PDF or Word format – handwritten or scanned articles will not be accepted
  • You are encouraged to submit a photo of your pet, if the story is about them; photo guidelines:
    • You must be the owner of the photo
    • The photo should be clear with good lighting
    • The photo should be high resolution