Hydrotherapy wraps for dogs

Did you know that your dog’s health could benefit from the application of hydrotherapy wraps?

  • Cool wraps invigorate and stimulate.
  • Hot wraps warm and relax tissues, act to detoxify by opening the pores of the skin, and draw up the blood.
  • Cold and hot applications stimulate the cardiovascular system.

Hydrotherapy is the scientific application of water in the treatment of disease. Cold wrap applications cool the body (or part of the body) and stimulate the area. Pain rooted in inflammation (acute pain, including trauma and crushing bodily injuries) can be relieved with cold wraps. Hot applications relieve fatigue, provide general relaxation, and help with pain associated with muscle spasms and tissue contraction (including osteoarthritis, joint disease, and other chronic pain, as well as some neuropathic pain).

There are several different types of hydrotherapy methods, but the one I use, hydrotherapy wraps, involves:

  • 1 to 2 five-gallon buckets, depending on the type of wrap you want for your dog (hot or cold wraps only require one bucket, contrast wraps require two)
  • 1 cup of Epsom salt (for hot or cold wraps) and 1 cup of sea salt (for the second contrast wrap bucket, though Epsom will work if you can’t get your hands on sea salt)
  • a piece of fleece or wool (or two pieces, in the case of contrast wraps – one for each bucket) that is large enough to drape over your dog’s entire body or the portion of your dog’s body you wish to treat.

WARNING: Be sure to discuss with your vet and/or canine massage therapist whether a wrap is right for your dog, as well as what kind of wrap your dog should receive based on their needs.

This method of using wraps, rather than a tub filled with water, is a little less messy and certainly less wet for your dog, and for dogs that dislike or are anxious about baths, this is much more tolerable.

Simply soak the fleece in the bucket with hot or cold water (slightly colder for cold wraps or hotter for hot wraps than your hand will tolerate); wring out the excess water, then drape over your dog (their entire body or the area you wish to treat—for example, the hips) and leave it there for 30 seconds before dunking the fleece back in the water and repeating. You’ll do this a total of three times.

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Article by Regan Macaulay, Owner of Kuri K9 Massage

After extensive training through Treetops Animal Massage Certification Program (Ontario), I started my mobile business, Kuri K9 Massage in 2013 to help Toronto and GTA pets live healthier, happier lives by relieving physical and emotional pain and tension, thereby also relieving stress for fur baby moms and dads—boosting quality of life together for longer. I offer Swedish massage therapy to dogs and cats young and old, as well as reflexology, lymphatic drainage massage, sports massage, acupressure, and hydrotherapy wraps, as well as distance Reiki.

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