Animal Communication: Resolving Behavioural and Emotional Issues

Did you know you can communicate with your pet and resolve behavioural and emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, and reactivity? In an animal communication session, we can ask your pet about their emotional state and what they perceive to be the cause(s).

For instance, a client felt that his rescued cat wasn’t bonding with him and wanted to understand the cat’s feelings and find solutions. The cat identified environmental issues, such as high EMFs and a humming sound, affecting his nervous system. After adjustments were made, the cat relaxed and began bonding with his owner.

Another cat was rehomed and felt incredible grief. After explaining the situation, she started to relax and show curiosity rather than hiding. Similarly, a dog enjoyed walks but avoided meet-and-greets with other dogs. Adjusting the routine at the park helped the dog relax and become perkier.

A young dog showed anxiety when family members returned to work outside the home. Identifying fears and concerns helped him feel at ease. A session helped the family understand his needs, leading to a peaceful environment when they were away. Thanks to the camera set up, they confirmed the dog now slept peacefully at home and no longer cried and barked in their absence.

A horse just wasn’t bonding with his person and was even aggressive toward her. In the session, we asked the horse to share his history and what was triggering him at his new home, as well as tips on how he liked to be handled, which even included a change needed in his saddle. He shared information about a painful history of abuse and abandonment. After the session, the horse allowed her to handle him without reacting strongly and even voluntarily went into his washing station, which he had previously refused to enter without being forced.

Yet another horse communicated why she was behaving aggressively toward her person and others. She informed us that she was tired of being used and tired of seeing the mistreatment and attitude of disposability given to horses over her lifetime. She showed me that she holds trauma in her pelvis from being whipped in the past and that she cannot and will not relax until that trauma is released. She asked that her person always tune into her energy before going over to the paddock, as a way of warning, and to respectfully greet her and give her his full attention, like you would with a person you are stopping to talk to, and then to prepare her for riding. She is a feisty horse, yes, but this is a case of fear-aggression like you would see in dogs and cats. Without an animal communication reading, this information might never have been provided and her healing may never have begun.

The behaviour resulting from emotional and physical pain very often ends in the animal being rehomed, surrendered to shelters, sold at auctions or even euthanized. This is a tragedy and unnecessary if we can just hear their story and try to help whenever possible.

Just like us, our animal companions have feelings and reactions to what is going on around them and if we can tap into them, we can heal so many emotional scars and create an unbreakable trust in our relationships with them. In many cases, I have noticed that our animal companions are mirroring to us what we may be feeling and processing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I often point out something that the animal tells me, and the person will exclaim, “I have that problem too!”

If your pets aren’t getting along, take a look at your own close relationships. Any tension there? In many cases, after people start to heal their relationships, our pets, who also live in that tension/conflict, will also start to relax. If your schedule is hectic and you’re running around and frazzled, do you notice that your pet is hyper and reactive?

I communicate with many dogs who are reactive with other dogs and even people, resulting in their person feeling tense and apprehensive every time they go for a walk. This exacerbates the problem, so I always suggest that the person also take calming measures or they will continue to find themselves in a vicious cycle.

Animals feel energy just like we do and they read that energy and emotions and reflect them right back to us. I always say, these beautiful furry, feathered, finned, and scaled beings are precious gifts in our lives and incredible teachers! The question is, can we look at that mirror and acknowledge what it is showing us? Can we open our hearts and grow into bigger and better versions of ourselves from a place of love and truth? I think it’s worth it and am grateful for all the time we have with these animal teachers!

Article by Julie Oliveira – Animal Communication Expert, Small Animal Massage Therapist, Animal Reiki Practitioner

Julie Oliveira communicates with animals and provides small animal massage therapy (including acupressure and reflexology) and animal Reiki. Since 2014, she has been facilitating connections between people and their animal companions, drawing on her background in homeopathy, herbalism, and Ayurveda. Her goal is to enhance the well-being of as many animals as possible at all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – and to advocate for animals and the natural world.

In her animal communication readings, Julie helps identify and resolve behavioural, emotional, and physical issues, and often assists in locating missing pets. These readings can also provide comfort and peace for those who have lost their beloved animal companions. Communicating with animals to discover their personalities, needs, thoughts, opinions, and humor brings great joy to Julie.

When not connecting with animals, Julie can be found gardening, hiking, dancing, and spending time with her own beloved animal family.