Animal Communication: Uncovering health issues and solutions

Did you know you can communicate with your animal companion and identify possible health issues and solutions?

Animal communication is a wonderful complement to veterinary care. In an animal communication session, a body scan can be performed in which the animal communicator feels, sees, hears, and tastes what the animal is experiencing. It can help identify specific issues in the body via the images or words/phrases that the animal shares and that the animal communicator receives telepathically.

For example, I was able to see the image of a little white ball in a dog’s liver, and when I asked the dog if he knew what it was, he said he thought it was a cyst. Tests later carried out by a vet confirmed that it was indeed a cyst. And when tests don’t show anything wrong, yet you know without a doubt that something is off with your animal companion, a body scan and reading in which we ask him/her about any aches and pain or other symptoms can help zero in on what might be occurring to address these issues before they become physical.

We do not only have a physical body. We have an emotional body, a mental body, and a spiritual body. Animals have the same. It makes sense, then, that for them, because they live with us and are subjected to the same stressors and technological overload as we do, illness can materialize in the physical body from imbalances and distorted energy in their emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Something may be energetically off in an animal’s energy field and may or may not become physical, depending on the conditions around him/her. In a reading, symptoms may come up which have not yet moved into the animal’s physical body. This is a time to “nip it in the bud” and seek treatment of some kind – medical, herbal, energetic.

What we see in our pets is the stage at which these symptoms have had a chance to flourish in the energy field and become physical. I always like to think that every organ, every muscle, every bone, every tissue, every cell in the body has its own energy field and needs to be kept healthy and in alignment. A reading can help the animal to express issues and discomfort and pain when it has become physical.

For example, one of my feline clients suddenly stopped eating and drinking and was periodically vomiting. She identified her liver and kidneys as the issue and specifically that her liver needed to be cleansed and supported. Bloodwork at the vet’s clinic then showed that her liver enzymes were off, and the appropriate medication was prescribed. Her person also kept in mind that later he could give her milk thistle or any of the amazing liver tonics available through the lines of natural supplements created by veterinarians to help detox her liver and/or gently support it for overall health and maintenance.

Yet another feline client was suffering from health issues which could not be identified by conventional veterinary practice. I was asked to do Reiki for the cat and also connect with her to know if she had any insight as to what was causing her head to tilt and other symptoms. She attributed the head issue to a virus that she was born with. It was affecting her brain and had proliferated due to too much technology in the home, resulting in distorted signals in her nervous system. Her littermate had passed away the year before with similar symptoms. She confirmed that her littermate also had that virus, passed on from their mother. She also stated that her blood was salty. We didn’t really understand what that meant until she was at the animal hospital a week later and had to be treated for high sodium levels after experiencing a seizure.

A canine client identified a thinning of the coating around the nerves linking to his eyes. His person confirmed that the dog had been diagnosed with degenerative disease and blindness was expected in the long term. We discussed with the dog what steps could be taken to nourish his eyes and the nervous system. Because animals have access to universal knowledge and the quantum field, just like us, they often inform me of things that can help (healing modalities, supplements, medication, etc.). Sometimes I don’t even know what they are suggesting and have to look it up after the reading. I sometimes ask the animal if something I know of would be helpful and if they would like to try it. It is, ultimately, the decision of the pet parent, but it is always respectful and loving to include the animal in decisions about his/her body and life.

The physical body is a wonder and even more mysterious to us in our animal companions. However, by connecting with them at this deep and subtle level, we can get that much closer to understanding how they operate and what they need, and work towards true collaboration among veterinarians and other pet professionals to ensure the healthiest life possible for our beloved pets!

Julie Oliveira and Francis

Article by Julie Oliveira – Animal Communication Expert, Small Animal Massage Therapist, Animal Reiki Practitioner

Julie Oliveira communicates with animals and provides small animal massage therapy (including acupressure and reflexology) and animal Reiki. Since 2014, she has been facilitating connections between people and their animal companions, drawing on her background in homeopathy, herbalism, and Ayurveda. Her goal is to enhance the well-being of as many animals as possible at all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – and to advocate for animals and the natural world.

In her animal communication readings, Julie helps identify and resolve behavioral, emotional, and physical issues, and often assists in locating missing pets. These readings can also provide comfort and peace for those who have lost their beloved animal companions. Communicating with animals to discover their personalities, needs, thoughts, opinions, and humor brings great joy to Julie.

When not connecting with animals, Julie can be found gardening, hiking, dancing, and spending time with her own beloved animal family.