Pets and Plants – Pet-Proofing Your Home

Is your home genuinely pet-safe? We sincerely hope that no one has toxic plants within paw’s reach of their furry (or not-so-furry) companions. However, we understand that it’s not always feasible to thoroughly research every plant, especially when many plant stores neglect to label them. (How frustrating, right?) Besides, in this fast-paced world, who truly has the time?

We’re here to assist you in finding ways to coexist with your beloved household plants while ensuring they remain out of harm’s way, creating a healthy home environment for everyone. It’s a win-win situation! Here are a few steps we take at home to keep our plants and pets safe.

Hang Them Up. Yes, you heard it right – nearly all plants can be placed in hanging baskets, even if they aren’t technically considered “hanging plants.” Create a lush and visually appealing arrangement to suspend in your windows, above cabinets, or in bathrooms with windows or grow lights. This technique works exceptionally well with foliage that thrives in medium to low light conditions, depending on where you intend to place them in your home. Consider plants like snake plants, monstera, medium-sized philodendrons, or hoyas. (All of which are unsafe for pets.)

Establish a “No-Touch” Zone. Do you have a home office or nursery where your pets don’t typically spend much time anyway? Transform it into a plant haven and close the door behind you when you leave. You can enjoy your time with your plants, and your pets can still bask in the benefits of the rest of the home without the risk of falling ill or requiring an emergency vet visit. (We’ve experienced this more times than we’d like to admit, and it’s terrifying.) Some common plants you may have that are unsafe for pets include dumb cane (diffenbachia), sago palm, and asparagus fern.

Pet-Proof Your Home and Remove Unsafe Plants. This might sound a tad extreme and entirely unnecessary (because it is), but if you’re as obsessed with your pets as I am, sometimes it’s comforting to have peace of mind. When we first purchased our house, the backyard was teeming with toxic plants, and I made the decision to part with all of them for the sake of my pets. Ten years later, I’ve never regretted that choice. If you desire complete tranquility for your home and you’re a worrier when it comes to your plant and pet darlings, this option may be ideal for you! Begin by exchanging your toxic plants for exciting, pet-safe alternatives. Another win-win!

Ensuring your pets’ safety has never been simpler. You can either elevate your plants, dedicate a room to your lush green collection, away from your pets, or trade your hazardous plants for new varieties that are not only pet safe but also bring joy to your life.

Protecting both your plants and pet babies need not be an arduous task, but rather a thoughtful one. With our three steps to ensure everyone’s safety, everyone emerges as a winner.

Article by Nikki

Hi! I’m Nikki, the owner and woman in charge of “That’s What She Grows” rare plant boutique located in Sarnia, Ontario. I have always had a passion for plants and animals since I was a young girl, my grandmother and I used to tend the rose bushes and snapdragons together in the backyard together every summer! Loving nature is hereditary If you ask me!

Pets and plants are my whole life – I have a home full of both! Providing them all the utmost care, respect, and quality of life possible means so much to me, it is a blessing to be able to share my passion with our readers! Getting to know each other and learning about nature with others who inspire us and lift each other up.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me, and hopefully we will chat soon!

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