Sugar and Maple’s Journey to becoming Social Media Pups

Introducing Sugar and Maple, two AussieDoodles pups originally from Arkansas, U.S.A., now living in Ontario. Although half-sisters, these funny little characters have two completely different personalities: As her name implies, Sugar has a very sweet and gentle temperament. She’s super smart and friendly and gets along well with other animals. Easily trained, she would make for a devoted and outstanding service dog as she is both loyal and protective. She prefers colder weather (bonus for coming to Canada eh!) and enjoys playing in water and snow but cannot tolerate summer heat and sun. Sugar is toy driven and is a full-time sock and slipper thief!
Maple on the other hand is a super sassy, high energy charming little firecracker that keeps everyone busy. She is also quite vocal with her range of barks, snorts and grunts. She thrives on attention, loves affection and will rarely give Sugar, the backyard squirrels or her family a moment’s peace! Maple doesn’t care much for toys and is completely food driven. She takes naps in hidden spaces, loves snow but not water and gets car sickness easily. Maple is extremely fast and agile and being part Australian Shepherd, will fearlessly attempt to herd dogs at the park that are two or three times her size! Interestingly, both pups have the webbed poodle paws.

Since first bringing Sugar home, her family started an Instagram page for her right away because they were obsessed with taking her photos. Those striking baby blue puppy dog eyes soon garnered lots of unexpected attention and Sugar’s Instagram page started blowing up with comments and likes. She gained a lot of followers very quickly and started to receive multiple requests from different companies to review and feature their food, products and fashions. Six months later, her younger half-sister Maple joined the team and it’s been quite the whirlwind of fun and exciting new discoveries for Sugar and Maple ever since. “We feel so lucky to have these opportunities to collaborate with such generous and professional sponsors”. Sugar and Maple’s themed birthday parties include homemade birthday cakes and elaborate balloon decor. Recently, for Sugar’s second birthday she had a sponsorship with a giveaway basket of professional grooming products for one lucky prize winner. They enjoy meeting with other Instagram dog friends and they’ve been spotted attending a couple of A-Lister events in Toronto. They were even invited to be ‘Celebrity Pets’ with their very own banner and booth at the 2022 Spring Canadian Pet Expo but Maple was still quite young and not yet emotionally ready for that type of exposure. Don’t worry Maple, the world will be ready whenever you are!

Now known as ‘Influencers’ or ‘In-fur-encers’ on Instagram, Sugar and Maple engage with their followers and provide true and real feedback about the products they are featuring with quality advertising material and page content. Their intention is that hopefully, Sugar and Maple’s Instagram page will interest other pet pawrents and offer fun ideas and inspiration along the way. “So far, it’s been a wonderful experience for us as pet owners. We are so grateful to the Instagram Doggo community because through this platform; we’ve not only developed new friendships, but have learned so much about the pet industry”.

So what’s next for this delightful doodle duo? These canine cuties are definitely a combination of sugar n’ spice and their family is considering getting Sugar involved in a therapy pet program and would like to introduce Maple to agility training classes although she would probably prefer alpaca herding.

Be sure to follow their next adventure and check out their Instagram page @the_sweet_aussiedoodles or their YouTube account @the_sweet_aussiedoodles to watch amusing clips of these clever pups in action. 

Article by Melanie, Sugar and Maple’s Parent