Reiki is for People and for Pets

Have you ever thought of Reiki for your pet? It’s a non-invasive, energy-related therapy that you might want to consider for anything from pain through to anxiety, and even to aid in end of life transition to spirit. 

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. It is a natural, safe, hands-on healing therapy allowing animals (and people) to absorb more life-force energy. Reiki involves no manipulation, promotes self-healing, balances energies, and revitalizes. Reiki channels energy to your pet in a powerful but gentle way, providing a sense of peace and contentment.  Reiki can be effective on its own or as a complement to other therapies.

As a Reiki Level two practitioner for animals, I have found that Distance Reiki is most beneficial, in that there is absolutely no invasion of the animal’s personal or physical space. This is particularly useful for anxious pets.

Those who have been trained and attuned to Reiki Level two learn and receive three different symbols, one of which is the distance symbol – this symbol allows the Reiki practitioner to send healing Reiki across time and space, and is used to connect to a person’s/pet’s energy when they are not physically present with the Reiki practitioner.

Distance Reiki works on the basis that we are all connected – we all contain energy and are part of a larger whole, therefore the distance between beings is meaningless. Think of it as a radio broadcast, with your pet receiving the energy signal (if they so choose).

As I previously mentioned, anxiety is one reason you might consider Reiki treatments for your pet.

Pain relief is another major reason you might consult a Reiki Practitioner to help your pet (whether it’s an ache, is nerve related, stiffness, an athletic injury or to do with speeding up post-operative recovery).

Emotional or behavioural issues take a toll on the mind and body, and this is another area where Reiki can help. Reiki is very effective in lifting spirits and improving mood.

Relationships, whether they be between two animals or an animal and its human can also benefit from Reiki therapy. In particular, Reiki helps to calm, therefore helping the animal to be receptive to bonding.

I mentioned off the top that this particularly peaceful healing modality can help ease an animal’s transition into spirit at the end of their life here on earth. Not only does this offer comfort to the animal making the transition, but to the pet parent(s) as well.

How does a Distance Reiki appointment work with Kuri K9 Massage? We would start with a consultation phone chat or Zoom session where I speak with you about your concerns with respect to your fur (or feather, or scale, etc.) baby. We would set up a time and date for the session—preferably a time when you’re home and able to observe your pet during at least part of the time. It should also be a time when your pet is not busy on a walk, and not doing anything in particular (though they are free to do as they like during the session). You would then send me a picture of your pet ahead of time, so I can use that photo to connect with them during our session. 

During the session I create a map of your pet by picturing them as if they are lying in front of me, and I place appropriate crystals at each of their eight major chakras, which are energy points in the body. I make my connection with your pet via the picture, then I hover my hands over each chakra for a few minutes, one by one. This is when the Reiki channels through me to each of the chakras. I make notes, then follow-up with the pet parent after the session either by Zoom, phone call, or email to let them know how the session went from my end, and I find out what the animal’s mom or dad observed during and after the session on their end.

Reiki can be a valuable addition to your pet’s comfort and wellbeing. For even more information, check out my video chats with fellow Reiki practitioner, Heather Lacey on the blog:

Article by Regan Macaulay, Owner of Kuri K9 Massage

After extensive training through Treetops Animal Massage Certification Program (Ontario), I started my mobile business, Kuri K9 Massage in 2013 to help Toronto and GTA pets live healthier, happier lives by relieving physical and emotional pain and tension, thereby also relieving stress for fur baby moms and dads—boosting quality of life together for longer. I offer Swedish massage therapy to dogs and cats young and old, as well as reflexology, lymphatic drainage massage, sports massage, acupressure, and hydrotherapy wraps, as well as distance Reiki.


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