Hobo Haven Rescue Inc

What is our story?

Hobo Haven Rescue Inc. is dedicated to our mission of “no dog left behind”. Hobo Haven was founded in 2003 and was inspired by an abandoned dog named Hobo who was seen dumped in our area and brought to us to help. Due to a lack of foster homes, Hobo was surrendered to a local shelter which proceeded to euthanize him 3 days later due to an ear infection. It was at that moment that Hobo Haven team members vowed to work tirelessly to assist as many dogs as they can. “One by one until there are none” is one of the mantras that Hobo Haven lives by.

How do we operate?

Hobo Haven is based out of St Jacobs and assists Canadian dogs only (we do not import dogs). Our amazing team of volunteers is small but mighty, and genuinely committed to helping our animals by providing a safe haven where their new lives may begin again, after we provide each dog with necessary veterinary care, rehab and training. We do not have a shelter facility. All dogs in our care live in loving foster family homes where they receive TLC, training and lots of love amidst the comforts of home while completing their vetting and awaiting adoption. Passion for animals brings us together. It is seeing the difference we can make, one by one, that fuels that passion.

What is our approach to care?

The dogs that come to Hobo Haven come to us for a variety of reasons but regardless of the reason, we ensure every dog is treated with a holistic approach. We focus on proper nutrition, medical care, behavioural assistance and any vetting our dogs need. We are passionate about continuing our education in all aspects and firmly believe that once we know better, we do better

How can you help?

We are always in dire need of foster homes and donations to help us help dogs! Please consider fostering, transporting, volunteering, adopting or donating. We have fundraisers and auctions to help with medical costs for our dogs. Foster applications, adoption applications, and ways to donate are found on our website or Facebook page.


Article by Mariana Jones, Volunteer and Foster with Hobo Haven Rescue, Owner of My Girl Friday – Dog Training

Updated June 2022