Alley Cat Cat Cafe

The Alley Cat Cat Cafe opened in Stratford, ON on August 17, 2019. Stratford’s first and only cat cafe. Our vision was to help cats get adopted in a calm and relaxing environment where people, cats and kittens alike can connect and meet each other and choose each other in a cage free atmosphere. For the cats that are shy and scared at first to get socialized, get used to people and have a chance to chose “their Hooman”. With 7 Resident Cat Ambassador Cats (our Resident Cats) in place (all rescue cats as well) the new cats can feel safe and the resident cats will show them the ropes. As lifelong animal lovers (not only cats) this was a dream come true to help our feline companions find furever homes. Before opening the cafe we did extensive research including visiting other cat cafes including the KitTea Cafe in San Francisco and many more to make sure we knew what a cat Cafe needs and to be prepared to offer the best of care to the cats, customers and rescues that we work with.

All of our adoptable cats and kittens come from local rescues. Once the rescues feel that the cats are ready to be adopted they come to the cafe and we then foster them until they find their happily ever after. The Rescues work effortlessly to save cats, take in cats that are surrenders, trap, TNR…we have learned so much about Rescue work and would like to give a shout out to all the hard work and dedication that goes into rescue work.

How are we different? Come in and find out. We are a bunch of caring, loving and hardworking people whose first priority will always be the cats and their well being. To top it off, we have amazing coffee and food. A bonus to the cats 

We are on Facebook, IG and our website is if you’d like to check us out.

Article by Silke Ware, co-founder of Alley Cat Cafe

Updated July 2022