Established in May 2016, DIBS Rescue is a 100% volunteer-based organization in Ontario, Canada. DIBS is fully dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless and abandoned dogs, with a focus on Mexican pups. Operating without a physical shelter, we rely on a network of foster homes spanning from London to Ottawa, ensuring each dog receives personalized care and attention. Our meticulous rescue process, involving interviews, collaboration with veterinarians, and rescue organizations, aims to match dogs with the perfect family, ensuring a loving forever home. Worldwide, only about 1 in 10 dogs ends up in a home, which is a gut-wrenching fact when we think about how much love a dog brings into our household. Our goal is to help support spay/neuter clinics in an effort to help control the pet population. Fun fact: one unspayed dog today can result in 66,000 dogs in just 6 years! (We don’t know 66,000 homes looking for dogs, so you can see the quandary!)

As a volunteer-run organization, DIBS depends on the generosity of both volunteers and donations to provide essential support to our foster dogs, as well as those in our frontline rescue partner shelters. Any support contributes to their well-being and a brighter future.

Ways to Support DIBS Rescue:

Financial Contributions:

e-Transfer: Send donations to

PayPal: Log into your PayPal account and send donations to For credit card payments, use this link:

*Note: We are a non-profit organization – not a registered charity – so we are unable to provide tax receipts.

Volunteer Your Time:

Consider becoming a foster home or dedicating your time to support various aspects of our rescue operations.

Your involvement, whether through donations, volunteering, or following us on social media, plays a vital role in making a positive impact on the lives of these deserving animals. Together, let’s ensure that every dog finds its better spot.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our DIBS Rescue organization. We would love it if you would follow us and help spread the word. Alternatively, if you have a rescue organization closer to you, reach out to them to see if you can help save some lives!

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