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It takes a village

Hobo Haven is based out of St Jacobs ON and assists Canadian dogs only, we do not import dogs.
Hobo Haven Rescue, founded in 2003, is dedicated to our mission of “no dog left behind”

We cannot do it alone. Please consider fostering, transporting, volunteering, adopting or donating to help us help them.


Our amazing team of volunteers are small but mighty, and genuinely committed to helping our animals by providing a safe haven where their new lives may begin again, after we provide each dog with necessary veterinary care, rehab and training.
We do not have a shelter facility. All dogs in our care live in loving foster family homes where they receive TLC, training
and lots of love amidst the comforts of home while completing their vetting and awaiting adoption.

Passion for animals brings us together. 

It is seeing the difference we can make, one by one, that fuels that passion.

We are always in dire need of foster homes and donations to help us help more!