A Tale of Transformation: Perry’s Path to Confidence

When we first adopted Perry from the Potcake Pals Rescue, he wasn’t too sure about us or this new family he was joining. We’re an involved family, we go to events, photoshoots and are active in our training. He was very skiddish when he first came home, he wasn’t sure about people and that was ok, he wasn’t sure about other dogs and that’s ok, he wasn’t sure about doors, the elevator or the stairs and that was ok. Our priority was helping him gain his confidence, wasn’t pushing him over the edge, just guiding him along the way.

With the help of his big brother, he has gained so much confidence! He’s conquered the stairs, the elevator and the doors. He’s learning that people are ok and we speak up for his boundaries. He’s learning that it isn’t always play time and not all doggos want to say hi. He’s come so far and he’s still going! We’re training and building confidence and it’s a slow process, but it’s a needed process and having Perry in our life has been a challenging but fun and rewarding process.

He has so much love to give, when he isn’t sleeping, annoying his big brother or playing with all the toys. He attended his first event and he did amazing, adapting very well and taking breaks away as needed to not overwhelm him. We’re excited to see him gain more confidence and be the best doggo he can be!

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Story by Haley, Perry’s mom.